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Dear friends,

Each musician knows something very distinctive and intimate about their instrument... We, the pianists, are convinced of the fact that there is nothing better than the piano. It is very powerful yet gentle, exultant yet wistful, our friend and our tormentor, our happiness and our great unfeasible dream...Few people manage to play the piano the way their soul feels – numerous obstacles arise on their path.

But we believe anyway! We believe in our talent, are fond of our teachers, admire each other’s successes,or so much as experience moments of triumph.

Dear participants, free your minds from bustling thoughts and anxiety. It is always clear when a young pianist plays the instrument only to win the contest, which limits their potential, isn’t it? Any victory is only relative, but the process of grasping and admiring the world of music is infinite!

We are doing our best to invite established musicians, both noble and lofty, famous teachers and piano maestros to join our judges panel.Devotees of classical music are impatiently awaiting the 5th International Piano Competition in Almaty as a special and significant event in Kazakhstan’s cultural life.

Please do come and play for us, your audience – play to unveil not only the miracle and sense of our lives, but also the beauty and wealth of your unique souls yet one more time!

Kind regards,

Jania Aubakirova

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International Piano Competition Almaty