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The following prizes have been established by the Organizing Committee: 


1st prize -  5 550 000 KZT 

2nd prize -  3 700 000KZT

3rd prize - 1 850 000 KZT

4th prize 925 000 KZT 

5th prize 555 000  KZT 

Diploma - 185 000 KZT

Diploma - 185 000 KZT 

Diploma for the best teacher who has

trained participant from Kazakhstan - 185 000 KZT

Official (market) Exchange Rates 14-09-2017

USD / KZT TOD   340.0

2. The prize money for the Competition laureates will be paid in national currency (tenge).   

3. The jury has the right:

-  to award not all prizes; 

- to divide awards between contestants

4. With the advice and consent of the Organizing committee it is possible to  establish special and additional prizes by other state, commercial, public or creative organizations both Kazakhstan and foreign organizations. Prizes should be coordinated with Organizing committee not later than beginning of competition.

5. The decisions of the Jury are not subject to any review.

International Piano Competition Almaty